Zandra Belle

Zandra Belle


Series Overview:

Zandra doesn’t understand why so many strange things seem to happen to her.  Is it just bad luck or does a black cloud follow her around?


Zandra – is just an ordinary girl – or is she?

Gramma – is just an ordinary grandmother

Uncle Troy – is far from ordinary

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Club Penguin

Snippet from Club Penguin: Zandra was home from school early because it was Fun Friday and she had NO homework for the weekend.  She carried her backpack to her room and took off her coat and shoes and sat down on her bed thinking of something to do with her free afternoon.

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The Dragon Kite

Snippet from The Dragon Kite: Zandra looked out the window and watched a trash can roll down the street being pushed by the force of the wind.  The large trees out front were bent over; their branches swaying from side to side.  It was like watching a movie about tornadoes from a front row seat.

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The Mushroom that ate Gramma

Snippet from The Mushroom that ate Gramma: Gramma looked worried.  She was walking around with a strange look on her face, shaking her head mumbling to herself, “It’s the strangest thing.  I’ve never seen plants grow this fast.”  I tugged at her shirt to get her attention and asked what was wrong.

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The Christmas Belle

Snippet from The Christmas Belle: It was Christmas Eve and Zandra was too excited to sleep, too anxious to find out what Santa would bring her for Christmas.  Not wanting to wake up her mother, she quietly tiptoed over to the window in her bedroom and looked outside.

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Halloween Help

Snippet from Halloween Help: Zandra was snuggled under her blankets sound asleep, when she felt something push on her shoulder.  She rolled over in bed, not ready to wake up.

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Zandra and the Zombies

Snippet from Zandra and the Zombies: Zandra knocked on the door and waited. She knocked again. Usually, Gramma was watching for her out the window when she came to visit. The door swung open and Gramma stood there looking flustered.

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