Secret of the Talking Animals

Secret of the Talking Animals

By: Makenzie L.


Chapter 1 – River’s Edge

In River’s Edge lived a ten year old girl named Abby. Abby has long brown hair and eyes that are green like leaves. She always wears a locket she got from her Grandma when she was a baby. Her favorite place to be is playing in the nearby forest. The trees in the forest are the tallest in Abby’s neighborhood. Often times she hears birds chirping and forest animals scurrying along the forest ground. The forest smelled of violets and had beautiful daisy growing all around. Abby’s favorite part was when she saw the wild animals – duck, bear, snake, and deer!


Chapter 2 – Meet the Animals

Duck is small for his size and has green and white feathers. He is always the loudest of the wild animals and always has something to say! Bear is cautious and worries a lot! He always tries to keep everyone safe. His special red paw set him apart from the other bears in the forest. Snake has shinny blue skin with orange and yellow stripes. He is fearless and is always the first one to act. Deer is brown with three white dots on her back and gold stripes on her hind legs. When all hope is lost deer is the one with the idea! Together these animals make the best of friends.


Chapter 3 – A new sound

One day when Abby was walking home from school she saw something that she had never seen before. Blocking the entrance to the forest was duck, bear, snake, and deer. She sat down close by to watch the animals. When Abby had been to the forest before she heard their familiar animal sounds like – quack, hiss, roar, and quiet footsteps.  But this time she heard something different.


Chapter 4 – The Legend

This time she heard the snake, deer, bear, and duck talking. At least she thought they were talking. Just to be sure she asked, “Why are you blocking the path to the forest?” The animals seemed surprised that the girl was talking to them. The bear said, “The Legend!” “The one that can understand us can save us,” said the duck. “Our mean leader, lion, makes us do all of the work,” said the snake. “We really really need your help!” said the deer. “I don’t know,” said the girl. “Please!” they all begged. “Ok, ok – I’ll do my best. Why can I all of the sudden understand you?” asked the girl. “You figured out your power. But don’t tell anyone,” said the duck. “Ok,” said the girl.


Chapter 5 – Forming a Plan

“Let me go home and put my backpack and lunch box away. Then I’ll be right back.” “Hurry!” they said together. “Lion will be back in 20 minutes from his daily walk.” “Ok – I will be right back.” Then the girl ran as fast as she could across the street, into her house, put her stuff down and ran back out. They still had 15 minutes until lion came back. “How can I stop him?” asked Abby. “Meet lion at the broken log. He loves it there!” deer answered. “Then say to lion, ‘Please stop making the animals do all of the work! That is if you want the animals of the forest to listen to you.’” “Lion loves being leader so he will do so and all of the animals will be happy,” said snake.


Chapter 6 – Plan in Action

By the time the animals figured out the plan lion would be back in 10 minutes. The animals rushed to hide near the log so they could hear what was happening. The girl waited by the log. Then lion came. As according to plan the girl said everything she was suppose. The animals crossed their fingers and lion said, “Yes!” After lion left, they all cheered with excitement.


Chapter 7 – The Trick

The next day after school, Abby to the forest to see how things were going. But to her surprise the animals were still doing all of the work. The girl was shocked! She thought they had a deal. So the she went to see the duck, bear, snake and deer. They said, “The lion tricked you!” “Now how can I stop lion?” said Abby. “Well I think we should…I don’t know!” said bear. “I have an idea,” said the girl, “We can dress up like plants in the forest, like camouflage!” They all loved the idea so all of the animals dressed up like plants by the broken log.


Chapter 8 – AAAACHOOO

Lion walked to the broken log furious not being able to find anyone to do his work. All of the animals were silent. No sound was made Duck couldn’t help it anymore and he AAACHOOO! Lion whirled around and saw all of the animals. Lion roared, “You get back to work!” So all of the animals went to do lions work. The duck, bear, deer, and snake left sadly with Abby.


Chapter 9 – A New Idea is Hatched

A few hours later with all of the animals desperate the deer jumped up and said, “Lion tricked us. Let’s trick him.” “But how?” complained the snake. “We could tell him such a great and awesome leader should take a well-deserved vacation. Like go to Ohio.” “Great!” they all exclaimed, “We love that idea.” Once again they all headed to the broken log.


Chapter 10 – Vacation to Ohio

It was settled they would tell lion he should take a vacation. When they arrived lion was already there. “What should we do?” asked the deer. “Why don’t I go and you wait here,” said Abby. “But what if something happens?” said the bear. “One of you can come with me,” she said, “Deer you are the fastest. Run to the tree and hide behind it. The rest of you stay here.” The girl walked over to the log and the deer ran over to the tree as fast as she could. When the girl got to lion she said, “Such a great and awesome leader should take a well-deserved vacation.” Lion said, “So you finally realized I’m the best! Why I think I will take a vacation. “Lion packs his bags and heads out for Ohio. “See you in a month,” he calls, “Don’t forget to work hard while I’m away!”


Chapter 11 – Time to Celebrate

 After lion left the animals started jumping up and down with glee. All of the animals thanked the girl and off the animals went to celebrate with their families. Bright and early the next day Abby headed to the forest to see how things were working out. When she saw what was happening she was relieved and really really happy! All of the animals were playing happily with their children.


The End