The Rescue Girls!

The Rescue Girls


Series Overview:

Meet Gracie, Susie, and Scotty, three kittens who live on a farm with their mother.  Follow their adventures as they help other animals that need help.  As the stories progress, you will meet lots of animals and share in their adventures.


Gracie – an orange striped kitten and sister to Susie and Scotty

Susie – a gray kitten and sister to Gracie and Scotty

Scotty – a black kitten who thinks having two sister is really yuk!

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Adventure 1 - Pickles

Snippet from Pickles: My name is Pickles because I really like to eat pickles.  Dill pickles, sweet pickles, any kind of pickles.  Actually, Pickles isn’t my real name.  My real name is Scotty, but only my mom calls me that when she gets upset with me – like when I break something or forget to do something she asked me to do.

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Adventure 2 - Oreo

Snippet from Oreo: Gracie looked out the kitchen window and wondered who mother was talking with.  She and Susie were finishing drying the dishes and putting them away.  “Look Susie, do you know who that is?”  Gracie asked pointing to a large gray cat perched on top of the gate.

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Adventure 3 - The Surprise

Snippet from The Surprise: It was late morning and all the chores were done when Susie heard Gracie arguing with their brother, Scotty or ‘KFC’ his new name of choice.  “KFC, Ha Ha Ha, more like DFC – Dumb Fu Cat!!

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Adventure 4 - The Rainbow's End

Snippet from The Rainbow’s End: The rain had finally stopped and Gracie, Susie, and Scotty, or KFC as he now insisted to be called, were sitting on the front porch watching the last of the water trickle off the roof and into the yard forming large puddles.  A large rainbow with bright colors appeared over the pasture.

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Adventure 5 - Extra Pickles

Snippet from Extra Pickles: “What?   NO Pickles?  I can’t eat a hamburger without pickles and extra pickles too!”   KFC was hopping around the small kitchen like he was stepping on hot coals and wildly waving his arms around.  “My life is ruined.”  He yelled and stormed outside and stomped off toward the barn.

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Adventure 6 - Bugle

Snippet from Bugle: “The circus is in town.” KFC ran into the house yelling as loud as possible.  “I’ve never been to a circus and everyone is going.”  Susie and Gracie paused from playing a game of Rescue Girls Monopoly and asked, “Who is going and when?”  Many times the two girls seemed to think alike or ask the same questions or have the same idea.

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Adventure 7 - Turkey Run

Snippet from Turkey Run: Gracie and Susie were in their bedroom playing with their American Girl dolls.   Gracie loved being Kit and Susie’s favorite was Samantha.   Suddenly the front door banged open, and huffing like a freight train with his breath rolling like steam from the cold November air, their one and only brother burst into the house.

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Adventure 8 - Crow

Snippet from Crow: It was a woodpecker perched high in the tall pine tree that heard the sound of the car’s horn and turned and watched the car slide down the steep mountainside.  The recent rain storms had eroded the narrow road and the side gave way under the car’s weight, causing it to crash into a tree before it began to slide.

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